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Modern Youth & Simple Nikah

The youth find it interesting. Alhamdolillah. Today I will share with you how to fix up an Islamic Nikah. I mean a simple nikah.

Modern Youth & Simple Nikah

One of my friend’s son was getting married. They were very rich and could afford  a five star hotel for Nikah and Valima. But the nikah was in Masjid. The girl was also from a rich family. ” Then how did you manage to convince your and her family?”

I asked for the benefit of my readers.

Note his reply:

I fixed the venue before the Nikah was fixed  !  ” How come”?  When the girl’s family visited us to see the boy I asked, ” How would you like to conduct the Nikah ?” So as a father of the groom I put forth,  before they put forth any desire of an expensive marriage. I said, : Look, both the families can afford a lavish Nikah, but how about conducting it in a Masjid ?

” The family was taken  aback. ” It is the first marriage in our family so we thought of spending nicely? the reluctant father said.

” Yes I would agree to the nikah if the nikah is agreed to be conducted in Masjid. I don’t want the father of the bride wearing an expensive suit and standing at the gate of the hall flashing a cosmetic smile, but deep inside he is sad about his daughter  going away forever. The money we spend on decoration, chairs, ice creams, starters, multiple cuisines is a show of only three hours. I would rather give that money to the bride and her groom allowing them to spend where and how ever they want to. ”

Many people who desire the nikah to be conducted simply  cannot resist the pressure of the bride or groom’s family . The reason is simple : They cannot back track now after the nikah is fixed. So how about putting this condition when the proposal itself is being considered. So Brothers and sisters ” The venue and the budget of the  Nikah should be discussed at the time when the proposal is being considered because it will get you an idea of how your in-laws plan to spend. So before you say ” YES ” first ask “HOW”

Watch the menu as well. Even if you hosting a Valima yet see to it that you don’t stretch your menu and crowd it with starters, and faloodas and ice creams and … Just fix up one excellent dish,, say Biryani for example.. and offer it with a simple sweet..If you are rich then add more amount of dry fruits in Biryani but subtract the number of dishes. Let people remember your special dish and don’t be bother about your status.

Trim down the list of invitees. If the marriage is posted in Masjid then the invitees will understand that there won’t be too many cuisines. A rich man’s wedding party attracts more guests because of the lavish food and the status attached to it. But now Mashallah many rich and well known Muslims prefer simple Nikah in Masjid.  Soon simplicity will became status. Inshallah.  If your wedding life begins with simplicity then your journey to Islamic married life is easy and smooth.

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