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Expensive Marriages can lead to Debts & Regrets!!

ExpensiveA newly married brother recently said that he wanted to take his wife for a holiday but was unable to do so because he had spent all the money on his wedding!!

For me, this just does not make sense! It is far better to spend money on yourself such as on a post marriage Umrah or vacation with your spouse than a lavish wedding simply to impress others!

Sadly, we live in a time where “what others will say/think” has become a big part of our lives.

Thousands upon thousands are spent on wedding ceremonies – sometimes violating Islamic laws – merely to impress and have a name in the community, with some even taking out loans!

Indeed, we can invite people to the Sunnah of Walima,
but 1) our intention should only be to please Allah, and 2) it should be kept within the means.

You can never make everyone happy; people will complain or make a negative remark no matter what,

so keep marriages simple, invite people with sincerity, and spend the remainder of your money on yourself and your spouse!

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